J. D. Cement Works Inc. was founded in 1985 by the upstart Jim Drumm, and has since grown from a one man operation to a full service masonry and concrete provider employing a veteran cadre of talented professionals. During our 30+ years of operation, we have established our reputaion as one of New England’s premiere contractors for this type of work, during all phases of construction. While J. D. Cement is a full service provider for both commercial and residential projects, in recent years we have shifted focus, with over 90% of our revenues coming from larger scale commercial projects.


Jim Drumm, President and Founder


Hailing from five generations of masons and concrete finishers, Jim Drumm is himself a master mason and concrete finisher. With over thirty years of experience running his own company and close to forty in the industry, Jim has followed in their footsteps; only recently has he retired from the field for the office to run his burgeoning empire, allowing himself to focus on the overall running of the business over the day to day minutiae–but is on occasion known to return to the field for projects that “only he can do,” usually highly specialized masonry work.


Jamie Raymond, estimator & chief labour organizer

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Since starting at J. D. Cement Works over ten years ago, Jamison “Jamie” Raymond has been largely responsible for the day to day minutiae of the company that Jim Drumm eschews himself from. Jamie started out as a concrete finisher, but with a knack for people and a strong understanding of how the business works he quickly found his place in the upper levels of the company. He now runs the day to day operations of J. D. Cement, and when he isn’t out organizing the troops or running job sites, he can usually be found out generating more work to keep us busy.


Tim Tokarski, Office Manager


Tim Tokarski is a more recent hire, a part of the company’s realization that we had to make some changes to make our office work run as smoothly as all of our field work does. Tim handles all company safety meetings, certified payroll, invoicing/billing, as well as a litany of other ad-hoc tasks that surface in his daily routine.